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The History of Swords

The literal definition of a sword is: A hand weapon consisting of a metal blade that varies in length, breadth, and configuration. Typically, the blade is single or double sided for striking and cutting, with a sharp point for thrusting. A sword is fitted with a handle, or hilt; that is usually equipped with a guard.

For centuries, almost since the dawn of civilization, the basic design of swords has been much the same. The techniques and styles vary, depending on the era and culture. Historically, swords have been weapons of much prestige, as is evidenced by the names given to various swords in mythology, history and literature.

Swords have changed and evolved with the abilities of man to forge and work metals. The first metal swords are believed to have been forged around 2,000 B. C. during the Bronze age. As man’s ability to work metals improved, longer blades were possible.

The introduction of firearms did not eliminate the use of swords. Instead, it increased the types of swords used in battle and close combat. For instance, when the use of body armour was discontinued, it became necessary for the swordsman to be able to parry with his weapon, and the thrust-and-parry rapier came into popularity.

Today, swords are mostly used as symbolisms for parades, as well as political and social events. They are also highly collectible, with many beautiful and faithfully replicated reproductions available. Swords are also still in use today in the sport of fencing.

Today, swords are mostly used as symbolically for parades, as well as political and social events.  Swords like Maxam’s reproduction of the U.S. Marine Non-Commissioned Officer’s Saber represent the continuation of our military’s most valued traditions.  As modern day Fencing swords aren’t usable as true weapons, just about the only swords found around today that are usable as real tools for self defense are Cane Swords.   While our selection of quality Cane Swords are sold as "collectibles” due to stringent and often conflicting local and municipal laws, Sword Canes such as the Skull Sword Cane can still be used as amazingly effective self defense tools!”

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Samurai Swords
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          The Samurai Warrior in History (Part 1)
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          The Samurai Warrior in History (Part 4)

Ninja Swords 
          Origins of the Ninja 
          The Early Ninja
          First Ninja Schools
          Who Were the Ninja?
          Ninja Clothing and Weapons
          Rise and Fall of the Ninja
          Ninja Swords and weapons
Pirate Swords 
          About Pirate Swords      
          More on Pirate Swords
Japanese Swords and Daggers                            
           Glossary page 1
           Glossary page 2
           Glossary page 3
           Glossary page 4

Sword Construction
Renaissance Weaponry    
Renaissance Weaponry Part 2      
Renaissance Weaponry Part 3    
Renaissance Weaponry Part 4                    
Renaissance Weaponry Part 5
Renaissance Swords           
Medieval Swords                                                   
Swords of the World                                               
Swords Throughout the Ages                                                       
Swords in Modern Fiction                                      
Famous Swords


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