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Columbia River Knife and Tool: A leading maker of quality knives and tools for 15 years, this award winning brand is world renowned for value and quality. The leading knife makers, inventors and industrial designers, among the most respected craftsmen and artists in the industry, work in product development.


Maxam Knives: This long established company has been manufacturing high quality products since 1950. Well known around the world for exceptional value. Using only top quality materials and workmanship, each product made is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Gerber: Gerber Legendary Blades was launched in 1939. Known for decades as one of the top knife makers in the world, Gerber is famous for quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Gerber also sells other products such as tools, personal L.E.D. lighting, and backpack hydration.




Leatherman: Established in 1983, this company has been voted one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies year after year. The first prototype was the Pocket Survival Tool, followed by a long list of increasingly popular, high quality knives, tools and accessories.


Victorinox: This famous knife maker has been around for over 125 years and is the original manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army Knife, so called because the Swiss Army was outfitted with this knife in 1891. Truly a revered and hallowed name in the industry, synonymous with high quality.


Kershaw: In 1974, Kershaw Knives opened for business in Lake Oswego, Oregon with its no-hassle, lifetime guarantee. The finest quality, innovative knives produced by Kershaw have been awarded many accolades within the industry; including Blade Magazine’s Knife of the Year Award multiple times.


Condor Tool and Knife: Condor Tool and Knife traces its proud history back to 1787, when Gebr. Weyersberg Company was founded in Solingen Germany. Most products are stamped with the “Eye of the Condor”, which according to legend, will see the wearer through life safe, sound and victorious in battle.


Buck Knives: A blacksmith named Hoyt Buck made the first Buck knife in 1902. Al Buck made the first folding lock blade knife in 1964, and revolutionized the knife industry. Buck Knives all have a “Forever Warranty.”


SOG Specialty Knives: SOG originally stood for Studies and Observation Group, which was an elite joint services military group created for covert operations during the Vietnam War. SOG products are sold all over the world and have received numerous awards within the industry.


Channellock: Channellock has been in business for over 119 years. The company has earned the coveted ISO 9001 certification for its strict adherence to quality control standards and thorough documentation of all manufacturing and customer service processes.


Cold Steel: This company was established in 1980 and their slogan is “World’s Strongest, Sharpest Knives.” They sell high performance knives, tactical knives, hunting knives, folding knives, fixed blade knives, pocket knives, survival knives, outdoor knives, camping knives, cutlery knives, throwing knives, daggers, kukris, tomahawks, machetes, katanas, samurai swords, throwers, survival tools, and more.


United Cutlery: For over 20 years, United Cutlery has been known for movie prop replicas, fantasy collectibles, a wide selection of functional sport and utility knives, traditional samurai swords, and unique designer knives and swords by Kit Rae and Gil Hibben.


Smith & Wesson: Established since the late 1800s, Smith & Wesson began its history developing crime-fighting tools that set the standard for the field. This company carries a variety of products, including hunting, tactical, extreme ops, search and rescue, SWAT and Homeland Security knives.


Kanetsune: Established in 1948 in Seki City, the 800-year-old city known as the City of Blades. Master craftsman Japanese swords, world renowned for sharpness, beauty and durability. Will not fracture or bend, with a feeling of balance, distinctive quality, and reliable razor sharpness that is always true to the Ka.


KA-BAR: The most famous Ka-Bar knife was developed in 1942 for WWII. The KA-BAR was adopted by not only the Marines, but also the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Underwater Demolition Teams. After World War II, KA-BARS were unofficially reactivated in the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom conflicts.


Super Knife: Super Knife bills itself as “Home of the World’s First Folding Utility Knife.”  It has been called a  box cutter with style and uses standard utility knife blades.


Spyderco: Spyderco Knives is a manufacturer of quality, reliable high performance knives and sharpeners designed for superior function and ergonomic comfort. These knives are repeatedly tested for stress, wear, optimal heat-treating and are made from highest quality, performance enhancing steels and materials.


Boker: Established in the 1700s, Boker is a name that stands for excellence. First brought to the US in the 1800s, knives are manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Boker Arbolito knives are made in Argentina.


Mcusta: Made in Seki City, Japan, the hub of Japanese cutlery. Mcusta knives are a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Components are laser cut, hand finished and hand assembled, then inspected to produce some of the finest knives in the world.


Case: Made in the USA since 1889, Case knives are known around the world for excellence. The Case Collectors Club is the largest knife collecting association in the world with 18,000 members.


Byrd: Each blade is handcrafted from ATS-34 stainless steel bar stock, formed by the stock removal method, hollow ground with cryogenic tempering, and polished to a mirror finish. The handle materials used are exotic woods, horn, bone, some elk and mule deer antler, man-made materials, or whatever my customer desires.


Al Mar: Since 1979, Al Mar Knives has been making unique designs at quality levels that rival custom, hand-made knives. Today, each knife crafted by Al Mar is hand-finished and hand-sharpened by craftsmen dedicated. Each Al Mar knife features flat-ground blades for strength and superior performance.


GenPro: GenPro provides items for outdoor specific use such as its variety of knives, throwing knives, lighters, various fuels, outerwear, books and other reading material. GenPro provides a wide variety of throwing knives, training knives, and other cutlery.


Blackjet: Blackjet products are manufactured by United Cutlery, one of the most respected names in knife makers for over 20 years. United Cutlery specializes in fantasy knives, throwing knives and functional knives.


Triple Threat: There are several different knives called Triple Threat but apparently no particular manufacturer by that name.


Screaming Arrow: Screaming Arrow products are manufactured by United Cutlery, one of the most respected names in knife makers for over 20 years. United Cutlery specializes in fantasy knives, throwing knives and functional knives.


Valiant Armoury: Valiant Armoury creates authentic and functional medieval swords. Each Valiant Armoury sword is hand crafted and fully functional; faithful to traditional designs. All of their medieval swords and axes are based on historically correct designs and made with the highest quality materials.


Hibben: Gil Hibben is one of the most respected knife makers in the world. He began making knives in 1963 and was the first to use 440C steel. He has received many industry awards and was commissioned to design the famous Rambo III knife.


Benchmade: Benchmade Knife Company was established in 1990. The company says that their knives aren’t “just a knife”… they’re engineered cutting tools founded on function, built for performance and recognized for high quality and excellence. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing arsenal contains ultra-modern laser cutters and machining centers.


Shun: Shun Knives have a growing reputation as the best Japanese knives on the market today. Each Shun Classic knife features the look and benefits of Damascus steel, without its rusting problems. Considered of the absolute highest quality and made in the famous city of Seki, Japan.


Microtech: Established in 1994 with the mission to make the best possible knives in the world. Only US parts, labor and material. 95% of all parts are manufactured by them, instead of for them. Microtech produces exceptionally high quality specialized knives.


Blackhawk: Blackhawk was founded in 1993 by a former navy SEAL named Mike Noell, the president and CEO of the company. The high quality of Blackhawk products has made it the ops gear preferred for Special Operations all over the world.


Meyerco: This is the original assisted opening mechanism knife company. Their first knife, The “Strut'N'Cut” won the 1997 Blade shows "Most Innovative American Design" award. They offer a Forever Warranty and pride themselves on excellent customer service, as well as excellence in products.


Cas Hanwei: The leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of swords and historic replica weaponry. These knives are in high demand by collectors, of the highest quality and faithfully reproduced. Collectors have commented that a Cas Hanwei product is “like holding a piece of history in your hand.”


Paul Chen: Hanwei by Paul Chen is the best selling brand of decorative and functional Japanese swords in the world. Chen began making swords for 30 years, since age 8.  At first, he wanted to increase the collection of antique swords that he inherited from his grandfather.


River Rat:


Mtech USA: This company is based in Japan and manufacturers a wide variety of folding knives, tactical knives, hunting and utility knives.


Smith’s Sharpeners: Established in 1886, this company sells high quality knife sharpeners. They bill themselves as “The Edge Experts.” They carry electric and manual sharpeners, as well as accessories and replacements parts.


Gatco Sharpeners: The Great American Tool Company---A leading name in sharpeners for over 20 years. Noted for high quality and excellent customer service. Gatco has a wide variety of sharpeners.


Klawhorn Industries: This company sells the “Redi-Edge Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener” and outdoor products. They claim that the Redi-Edge sharpener is the only one you will ever need.


Lansky Sharpeners: Since 1979, Lansky has been building a solid reputation as a maker of high quality sharpeners. All of their products are designed to be completely ambidextrous, and offer unparalleled performance, reliability and safety standards.







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