Japanese Swords and Daggers Glossary,Yoroi Toshi,Nagamaki,Naganata,yari,bisento,
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Japanese Swords and Daggers

Part 3

Yoroi Toshi:
A Japanese dagger that was especially made for cutting through armour. It was worn inside the belt on the back, or it was sometimes worn on the right side, with the hilt toward the front and the edge upward.

Nagamaki: Designed for large, all-encompassing sweeping and slicing strokes. With the added benefit of being able to use it as a spear. The Nagamaki was used as an infantry weapon against mounted horsemen.

Naganata: A pole weapon, used by Japanese Samurai. It has become primarily associated with women, and in modern times is studied by more women than men.

Yari: A straight headed Japanese spear. The martial art of wielding the Yari is called Sojutsu. Yari measured from 3 feet on up to an astonishing 20 feet in length. The longer versions were called omi no yari, while the shorter ones were known as mochi yari or tae yari. Japanese foot soldiers often carried the longer models, while the Samurai traditionally wielded the shorter.

Bisento: A pole weapon that was adapted from the Chinese Kwan-do. It was basically a thick, curved blade that was mounted on top of a long wooden pole. Used in warfare as an anti-cavalry weapon, it would be used against both horse and rider.

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