Renaissance Weaponry
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Renaissance Weaponry

Part 2

Renaissance weaponry and armour was often used in tournaments, which were the equivalent of more modern military exercises and training. The combatants used much of the same equipment that would be used in actual battle, thus the tournaments were good practice. Precautions were taken, though, by using extra armour plates to protect the hands and throat, and blunt lance heads.

Toward the end of the 14th century, equipment like the shield or Great Helm, which was a type of armored helmet, lost popularity on the battlefield as newer, more sophisticated gear came along. However, this sort of equipment was still used in tournaments.

Eventually, this practice led to the invention of special armour, developed solely for tournament use. Also, during this time, the garniture was invented. The garniture was a suit of armour that could be adapted for battle or tournament use by the addition of various protective plates and pieces. Today, the use of specialized tournament armour continues in reenactments and some sports equipment.

Not only was armour designed for human tournament or battle participants, there was also armour for horses and dogs. Dogs were seldom outfitted in armour, usually only for hunting and warfare. But horses were often bedecked in full, elaborate armor for hunting, warfare, funerary processions, ceremonies and tournaments.

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