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Ok, so a lot of people ask me "which is your favorite...."?

Sometimes, I have to ask myself! There are so many great swords, knives, etc that I cannot make up my mind! So here are some of my picks!

Named after the Famous Japanese swordsman, the
Musashi sword we carry is a unique piece. It can be used as a long sword, or pulled apart to create two swords! Cool!

Paul Chen Swords, made under his company, Cas Hanwei , has introduced a new line this year called the "Raptor" collection. This is a lower priced Japanese sword style collection, that is sharp, and battle ready! This will soon become one of our best Samurai swords for sale.

Spyderco knives

We also added a ton of Cane swords  to our line up. My particular sword cane favorite is the "Cane Sword and Dagger", by Master Cutlery.  It is refined looking on the outside, yet deadly on the inside! Remember though, certain laws may prohibit such a "hidden" weapons, so check with your local authorities.

One of my favorite Samurai Katanas is the
Practical Katana from Paul Chen/Cas Hanwei. The blades are forged using the same diferential hardening as the more expensive blades, which means that the edge is HRC60 and the back is HRC40. Bottom line, same blade as in their more expensive swords, they make the savings up in the fittings. The fittings are just as strong as in finer items, but not necessarly historically acurate. Still a fine battle ready sword.

Many of the swords we carry are replica swords. This means they are intended for display purposes, not re-enactment or full on battle (or sparring for that matter!). Many of the  
"Kill Bill"movie replica swords are intended for display, and are not battle ready.  O-Ren Ishii's Sword is a movie classic! This Katana (Japanese long sword) is a traditional single-edged sword used by the Japanese samurai. The social power and personal honor of the samurai was represented by this sword, typically sorn by members of the warrior class know as the buke.

We also carry many medieval sword replicas. I am  Knight in the Hereditary Knight's Templar of Britannia (originally founded in 1118), so lean toward  a  Knight's Templar Sword.


Some of my favorite (as well as the customers) are Medieval and Renaissance swords, helmets, and shields. One of our most popular medieval swords has a wire wrapped handle, and a beautiful scabbord.

One of the Manufacturer's we sell is Cold Steel. Their Rukia 440 stainless steel sword has a pearl white scabbord, and is a beautiful Japanese sword.

Our most popular Pirate sword  has a solid brass bell guard, and includes a scabbord with skull and cross bones. 

As for Ninja Swords, I am partial to the Full Tang Combat Ninja Sword with Back Straps. This is a cool set like you see in the movies, it has two swords and straps to your back! Let's you do that cool "pull them out with both hands" move. Sweet!

I have a new supplier, so I will be adding more Ninja swords. Patience Grasshopper!

Samurai swords are a catagory in which i will also be adding more products, but we have a wide selection now. One of our best sellers, which also sits on my mantle at home, is the "Honor" Samurai sword. This is a nice piece, with scabbord and display stand. Since the Samurai lived by the code of "Honor", it is a great sword to represent the Samurai.

Swords and knives. How did I come up with this combo? Well, as a history buff, I grew up believing in the honor of the Samurai, and the honor of men like James Bowie. Bowie was a great adventurer, and died battling for Texas independence at the ALAMO. His Bowie Knife  has become a classic, and has inspired many "Bowie" style knives. SOG, usually a tactical knife maker, has made it's own version. The SOG Tech Bowie  is a nice modern example, and beautiful knife.

Some of the other knives we carry include Boker, Spyderco, Kershaw, Gerber and more. Boker pocket knives come in fixed blade, fixed blade hunting knives, and some tactical folding knives. One of the coolest one we have at swords4u is a CLB Direkt, which comes with a G-10 handle.

Spyderco knives, which has both fixed blades knives, folding knives and great tactical knives, is a new product for us. We are adding more, be patient!

The Kershaw knives we carry are both fixed blade knives and folding knives. They have a great no hassle lifetime guarantee, and have been making knives since 1974. Fixed blade hunting knives, or folding blade knives, serrated or non serated knives, they have a knife for whatever you need to accomplish!

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