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Pirate Swords

Who doesn't love a good pirate movie? And at Halloween don't the pirate costumes always make a splash at the big parties? Besides a live parrot or a real peg leg, nothing can complete a Pirate Costume quite like a quality Pirate Sword. And here at Swords4u.com, we have the best ones you can find anywhere!

The hallmark of a pirate sword is that they are generally shorter and have a pronounced curve to the blade. The shorter length makes it easier to swing while avoiding your comrades during a crowded ship-board fracas... no one likes getting accidentally dead by way of an overzealous pirate friend! The curve of the pirate sword was also very important - the pronounced curve of the blade made it easy to cut flesh, but it the wielder accidentally struck a line or cable, the sword would be less likely to sever the rope with the curvature tending to simply knock the line out of the way.

One of the other interesting facts about pirate weaponry was that it was extremely "non-standardized" meaning none of it was actually "issued" to the users. Think about it - the English Infantry Sword or the French Navy Cutlass were standardized and issued to regular soldiers and officers. Outside of fiction books, you would never find a Medieval Crusader using a Turkish Scimitar. But with the Pirate armory, all bets were off! Not only did the Pirates have access to a wide variety of swords, knives and guns from literally around the world, they weren't held to a particular code of dress like normal soldiers. If you killed someone in a fight with a sword that was better than yours, you would take their sword and use it until you came across something better!

Two of my favorite Pirate Swords on my website are the Pirate Scimitar and the Engraved Basket-Hilted sword by Master Cutlery! The Pirate Scimitar is just a beautiful tip-balanced sword that swings beautifully and naturally in the hand. The drop point is very attractive and the blade is finished with faux damask markings. The pommel comes complete with a punching claw - a nice touch! The Basket-Hilted Pirate Sword is very striking and even from across the room, people will know that you are a pirate, even if the rest of your costume sucks! Both of these pieces are excellent quality for costume swords. Remember, if you want to do staged choreography of any kind with ANY sword or knife, for safety's sake the blade must be "Battle Ready" and will cost more than either of these two blades. Swords and Knives are fun, but they are not toys - be safe, not stupid. And always remember, while the Pirate had full command
of the alphabet, their favorite letter was always "ARRRRRRRR!"

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