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About us

Welcome to Swords4u.com, home of the largest selection of high quality swords on the internet!


Here you will find the best quality swords, knives, and related weaponry at the lowest prices available anywhere, backed by a money-back guarantee!


Some examples of our swords:


 Cane Swords

 Pirate Swords

 Samurai Swords

 Musashi Swords

 Battle Ready Swords

 Katana Swords

Medieval Swords

Cold Steel Swords

 Japanese Swords

Ninja Swords


Some examples of our knives:


 Boker Knives

Buck Knives

 Boker Pocket Knives

Cold Steel Knives

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 Kershaw Knives

 Fixed Blade Knives

 Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

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 Gerber Knives







High Quality Reproductions for Collectors & Re-enactors! 


We offer a wide variety of swords for re-enactments of all types, stage actors and theater productions, LARP groups, decorating, and serious collectors.


Whatever the era, we can supply just the style of sword you need, from Medieval and Renaissance to Pirate, Ninja, and Fantasy swords. For the movie buffs, we have a great selection of swords and weaponry collectibles from Kill Bill, Eragon, Braveheart, Highlander, Hero, Rambo III and more.


Besides a fantastic array of swords, we also have a huge selection of daggers, knives, shields, axes, bayonets, and machetes; as well as books, DVDs and accessories.


Here You Will Find…..


Cane Swords: These elegant swords, widely used during Edwardian times, a cloak or caped greatcoat, hat and cane were essential parts of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Often, the cane carried was a sword cane. A gentleman was expected to be able to thwart any violence against his person, and a sword cane was a discreet but reliable and extremely effective means of self defense. Today, these beautiful but lethal pieces are much prized by collectors.


Samurai Swords: The samurai, also known as bushi, were the members of the military class or Japanese warriors. Samurai used a range of weapons including bows and arrows, spears and guns; but their most famous weapon and their symbol was definitely the sword. Samurai pledged to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido---"the way of the warrior".


Ninja Swords & Weapons: According to Japanese history, a Ninja is a warrior trained in the more unorthodox arts of war, including martial arts, assassination, sabotage, espionage and illusion. The word Ninja derives from the Japanese Shinobi-no-mono, which is written with two kanji characters that can also be pronounced as nin-sha, if the Chinese pronunciation is used instead. The first character, nin, suggests concealment, while the second, sha, means person. Hence, Ninja basically means : a person who hides his presence and does covert, military type operations.


Swords of the World: We carry a great selection of swords from all around the world! From the ancient Romans to Persian Warrior Scimitars, and everything in between---take a look at the fabulous products and low prices here!


Renaissance/Medieval: Our Renaissance Medieval category is extensive, and includes daggers, shields, and other weapons. We even have medieval knight armor for your "King Arthur” re-enactments and role playing! The Medieval period, also called The Middle Ages, was a violent time in history! Castles were built as power bases to withstand even the most determined siege. Lands were subject to invasion, and landholders waged bloody battles to defend their properties. There was need for a wide variety of weapons for the knights, foot soldiers and archers of this era.


Pirate Swords: Avast there, Matey! Ah, those swashbuckling pirates! When we hear the word "Pirate”, the first picture that comes to mind is a swaggering pirate brandishing a wicked looking cutlass. Within this category, you will find the best of the best in pirate swords available today, at the lowest prices!


Fantasy Swords & Weapons: We offer one of the finest selections of well crafted fantasy, futuristic swords and related weapons on the internet! Here you will find everything from rugged Viking swords to collectible movie swords such as the Kill Bill 3 piece set…all at rock-bottom prices!


Daggers: Daggers may be differentiated from knives in that daggers are double edged and designed primarily for stabbing or thrusting. Evolved from prehistoric tools, daggers are lethal weapons of destruction! Historically, daggers were used for secondary weapons---up close and personal! The development of firearms saw decreased use of the dagger, but they have continued to be used by military forces all over the world, such as commando forces. We carry a nice assortment of high quality daggers of all descriptions!


Knives: First developed back in prehistoric times by chipping or flaking flint or obsidian, thereby fashioning it into a weapon or tool; knives have a long and colorful history. We offer a fantastic selection of well crafted, highest quality knives such as Buck, Columbia River, Cold Steel, Spyderco, Gerber and more---brands that are renowned world -wide for quality!


Axes: Axes have been in use since the stone axe was first developed during the third millenium BC. These were traditionally very fearsome weapons! The "battle axes” carried by soldiers and warriors were sometimes used for throwing, but most often employed to inflict grievous bodily injury at close quarters. We have an extensive variety of high quality axes, including tomahawks, at the best prices anywhere!


Shields: Shields were originally invented as a form of hand-held protection against attack from spears, knives, swords, etc. As personal body armor evolved, shields became smaller. We carry a great selection of shields; perfect for re-enactments or collections!


Bayonets: The history of the bayonet is a little vague, but the term itself dates to the end of the 16th century. The word originates from the French "baionnette” and refers to a knife, dagger, sword or spike shaped weapon that is designed to fit over, under or on the muzzle of a rifle or similar weapon. In many battles, the bayonet is considered the weapon of last resort. Bayonets are still in use today. As recently as 2002, the Marines issued a bayonet with an 8” Bowie style blade. We have a great assortment of high quality bayonets at low prices!


MachetesThe machete is a large, lethal, cleaver type cutting tool or weapon that has been widely used for centuries in all parts of the world. The "Panga” is a type used in East and South Africa. The Philippines has a similar weapon called the "Bolo.” There is also the "Parang” and the "Golok” from Malaysia and Indonesia, the Nepalese "Kukri” and the Chinese "Dao”….and more. We carry the finest quality machetes from well known makers such as Cold Steel and Ontario!

Accessories: Browse through our accessories category to find some hot deals on miscellaneous extras such as display racks and stands!


We can outfit you for almost any type of re-enactment event! Roman, Celtic, Viking, Norse, Scottish, Knights, Civil War, and much more are available right here with the absolute lowest prices on the World Wide Web!


For the serious collectors, we offer the finest selections of well crafted, highest quality collectibles swords, knives and other weaponry found anywhere!


Customer Service is our Number One Priority! We believe that business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated. If you have any questions or concerns---before, during or after your purchase---just let us know!


You can call us toll free at: 1-888-803-2445


Or send an email to:    sales@swords4u.com


We work hard to bring only the best of the best in swords and weapons to you, at the lowest prices anywhere, and hope that you enjoy browsing through all of our products!


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